Born in Honolulu, she began playing volleyball since the 5th grade and had no intention of continuing education once graduating from McKinley High in 1993. However, Dave Shoji, recognized her innate talent on the court (i.e. intense desire for perfection, competitiveness, court presence, exceptional anticipation which allowed her get balls most would miss and precise placement of her sets). Dave spoke to her counselor in her junior year and she took some classes that summer and found herself at UH after graduation.

At the 2000 Olympic games, she started all seven matches and led the team to a .263 hitting percentage and a 4th place finish. At the 2004 Olympic games, she was a starter that finished tied for 5th overall after losing to Brazil in the quarterfinals. She made her 3rd and final Olympic appearance in 2008 and led the team to a silver medal. Besides playing in 3 Olympics, she played 7 seasons professionally in Europe.

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