The Hawai’i Sports Hall of Fame (HSHF) was established in 1997 through Executive Order 97-3 by Gov. Ben Cayetano. On May 30, 2003, Governor Linda Lingle signed into law a bill passed by the State Legislature to confirm the permanence of the Hawai’i State Sports Hall of Fame and designated it the State museum for sports history in the islands. It provides the venue for showcasing Hawai’i’s world-class athletes as well as allowing youngsters a chance to see the achievements and perhaps emulate those achievements.

Dr. Larry Price is credited with getting the HSHF established by meeting with lawmakers to  create the HSHF in its current form.

Made up of volunteers, The Hawai’i Sports Hall of Fame is created as a 501(c) entity. Accepting nominees and evaluating them based on a strict set of qualifying criteria encompass the bulk of the work done. Annual fundraisers and donations are promoted to help defray operating expenses. The HSHF is expected to remain in the new Aloha Stadium complex which is under development.

The organization is comprised and organized in such a way as to ensure Hawai’i’s finest athletes and sports contributors are recognized and presented for the people of Hawai’i, especially inspiring the youth of the State of Hawai’i. Inductions prior to 1998 were made under differing criteria since the Hawai’i Sports Hall of Fame was made a mandated State legislative  organization. Inductions made since 1998 are following the current criteria described today.