Olin Kreutz was born in Honolulu and attended St. Louis High School where he was the Football Team Captain. Kreutz’s keen talent was already evident as he was honored as a High School All American.

During his college years at the University of Washington, the young standout was honored as the Consensus First Team All American.

A third-round draft pick with the Chicago Bears in 1998, Kreutz played for 12 years where he was a six-time Pro Bowl-er and four-time All Pro player. As the co-captain in 2007, Kreutz call the protection schemes for the team. Kreutz was fiercely loyal to the Chicago Bears because they gave him his first opportunity playing with the NFL.

With Kreutz’s strong work ethics, he was often the first one in the practice facility, and the last one to leave. And being mentally and physically tough, especially in the weight room, he was known to his teammates to be the last guy standing.

He is married to his high school sweetheart, and lives in Illinois with his wife and five children.

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