Egan Inoue is an entrepreneur. He owns a fitness company, with three gyms on O’ahu, as well as a cryotherapy business. Inoue is also an author and a motivational speaker, who used to be a mixed martial arts fighter, who before that was the first non-Brazilian to win a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world title. However, before any of that, the multi-talented and multi-faceted Inoue was a two-time world champion in racquetball.

Inoue discovered racquetball as a 16 year-old, becoming Hawaiʻi state champ by the time he graduated from high school in 1983. Just three years later, he won the men’s singles title at the International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Championships in Orlando Florida. A year later, he won the men’s singles title at the 1987 Pan American Championships. Inoue won his second world title in in Caracas, Venezuela in 1990, the same year he stated his own racquet company, E-force, which quickly grew to be one of the leading racquetball manufacturing companies in the world.

In 1993, Inoue suffered a serious knee injury, which forced him to retire from racquetball but left him plenty of time to take up other pursuits.

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