Born in Honolulu, Clay Stanley instantly inherited strong volleyball genes with a family deeply skilled in the sport. Clay’s mother, father and grandfather were all high level volleyball players. Naturally, he began playing volleyball at a very young age with various clubs. Although he did not play volleyball for Kaiser High School, since they did not have a boys team at that time, he did play two years at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. He forgo his senior year at UH to play professionally.

Clay was Team USA’s leading scorer when he made his Olympic debut in 2004 (Greece), the team would go on to place 5th overall in those games. He led the U.S. team to Olympic gold in the 2008 games (Beijing) and was named the Most Valuable Player, Best Scorer and Best Server. An unfortunate and untimely knee injury during the 2012 London Olympics pool play prevented him from playing at a level to medal.

He continued to play in the European league until he announced his retirement from competitive play in September 2016.



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