AUTOMATIC Qualification to the Hall of Fame:

· Olympic Medalist

. World Record Holder (sanctioned associations)

. Inductees in recognized International or National Halls of Fame.

. Professional athletes who have been voted to association All-Pro teams or Members

of a World Championship team.

. Must meet Other Qualifications/Eligibility for induction

CONTINGENT Qualifications to the Hall of Fame:

· World, International or National Champion (sanctioned associations)

. Winners on recognized Professional Tours and any sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee or sanctioned by the Hawai’i Sports Hall of Fame, i.e., LPGA, PGA, Champions Tour, JPA, Professional Windsurfing or Surfing, or Sumo.

· Significant participation in the development of an athletic program or sport (i.e., Pioneers and Contributors). These nominees do not fit exactly into the automatic qualification categories. To be a Pioneer/Contributor, the nominee must be considered a true pioneer, visionary leader, or individual or group who has made a transcendent impact to sports in Hawai’i.

· Contributors must demonstrate they have given freely of their time, talents, energy, hard work, or finances, expecting nothing in return but the appreciation of the Sport and the community at large.


· Must have a strong local connection to Hawai’i.

· Nominees must have exhibited strong character and discipline in representing the State of Hawai’i throughout their careers. Conviction of any felony, crime of moral turpitude or official sanction by a governing body of the nominee’s sport during participation will automatically nullify their nomination.

. The individual must represent Hawai’i and their respective sport at the highest professional and moral standards, understanding the primary audience for inducted members are the youth of Hawai’i.

· A person is eligible for nomination 5 years following active competition. If death of nominee occurs before completion of the waiting period, the qualifying period is reduced to 6 months from the date of passing.

. For those qualifying under World, International or National criteria – all nominees must have competed for a minimum of 2 years in the same sport to be considered.

. Nominees who compete with distinction at the World, International or National level and do not win a medal or a title, can still be nominated on the basis of leadership (i.e., captain of a World or Olympic Team).

. Coaches can be nominated for induction – the nominee must have coached for at least 5 seasons and coached a team that was a World, International or National Champion, or an Olympic Medalist.


. Teams meeting the Qualifications for individuals listed above may be considered for induction. Nominees can be inducted as Individuals and as part of a qualifying Team (separate Official Ballots must be submitted for each designation). The team must have a strong local connection to Hawai’i, i.e., representing the State of Hawai’i in qualifying events. An individual with ties to Hawai’i on a team does not qualify the team under this rule.

. A team consists of 2 or more athletes qualifying and competing in a sanctioned event as a unit.

. The Team must represent Hawai’i and their respective sport at the highest professional and moral standards, understanding the primary audience for inducted members are the youth of Hawai’i.

. A Team can be nominated 5 years following active competition.

. Teams are nominated for specific years, as the team members that comprise the Team are specific to that year.



. Nominations can be made by any adult person (18 years or older), not affiliated with the Hawai’i Sports Hall of Fame.

. An Official Nomination Ballot for each year must be completed and submitted by the posted deadlines. Nominations must be accompanied by an official nomination form and include appropriate documentation to be considered. A detailed resume and a non-returnable photo must accompany the nomination papers. All information necessary to determine qualification for induction should be submitted, including newspaper clippings, articles, pictures and other documents that can be easily substantiated.

. All nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. Additional research on nominees may be done prior to the Selection Committee review. Approved nominees will be submitted to the Selection Committee for consideration.

· Nominees for induction must receive 80% approval of the Selection Committee.

. Approved nominees by the Selection Committee will be forwarded to the Commissioners for final approval.

· Approved nominees must receive 100% approval by the Commissioners.

. Nominations will be HSHF property and maintained as necessary.