Selection Criteria




1. Olympic Medalist

2. World Record Holder (sanctioned associations)

3. Inductees in recognized International or National Halls of Fame.

4. Professional athletes who have been voted to association all-pro teams or members of a world championship team.

5. Residency: Must have a strong local connection.


Contingent Qualification Significant participation in the development of an athletic program (i.e., Pioneers and Contributors). (This is not to dilute the quality of the primary honors. It merely provides an opportunity to honor the person who does not fit exactly into the automatic qualification categories.) Exceptions: Winners on the LPGA, PGA, Senior PGA, JPA; World Champions of Professional Windsurfing and Surfing, Sumo, any sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee or sanctioned by the HSHOF Commission.






1. Person is eligible for nomination five years following active competition. If death of a nominee occurs before completion of the waiting period, it is automatically reduced to six months.


2. Person’s nomination must be accompanied by an official nomination form and include appropriate documentation to be considered by the Selection Committee. A resume’ and non-returnable photo must accompany the nomination papers.


3. The Commission shall reserve the right to conduct further research on nominees prior to consideration by the Selection Committee.


4. A nominee must have competed at the World, International or National level for at least two seasons to be considered. If the nominee is a coach, he or she must have coached for at least five seasons and have been a coach on an Olympic or world team that earned a medal, or coached at least two world or Olympic medalists. Nominees who compete with distinction at the world, international or national level and do not earn a medal can be nominated on the basis of leadership (i.e., captain of a world or Olympic team).


5. The nominee must have exhibited strong character and discipline in representing the State of Hawai‘i throughout their careers to be considered. Conviction of any felony, crime of moral turpitude or official sanction by a governing body of the nominee’s sport during participation will automatically nullify his or her nomination.


6. Commissioners, Selectors and staff cannot be nominated to the Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame while in office. (Apply Rule #1)

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