All-American football player for St. Mary’s College.

In 1945, "Squirming" Herman Wedemeyer, a graduate of St. Louis High School, was Hawai'i's first consensus All-American football player. The backfield included the U.S. Army’s Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis, and Bob Fenimore of Oklahoma A&M, now known as Oklahoma State.

In 1945 he finished fourth in the Heisman Award and is a member of the National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame.

After a stint with the professional football team, the Los Angeles Dons, Wedemeyer returned to Hawai'i and became involved in politics.

In his later years, Wedemeyer was a fixture on the TV series, "Hawai'i Five-O," as "Duke Lukela," one of the Honolulu Police Department’s men in blue. He appeared in more than 300 episodes with "McGarrett," Jack Lord.

Germany surrendered to the Allies on May 7, 1945.

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